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Edinburgh Agile courses and assessments help ensure that individuals understand how to deliver high-value product with higher levels of Agility using Scrum.

Edinburgh Agile

Edinburgh Agile

Edinburgh Agile runs a selection of high-quality Agile training courses publically and privately.

We are one of the world’s leading Agility consultancies that offer Agile training courses online and in classrooms across the world!

Edinburgh Agile Courses

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User Stories Masterclass (USM)

The User Stories Masterclass course (USM) is a half-day training course where attendees will develop a deep understanding of user stories’ creation and how to increase the quality of requirements capturing and communication. You will also learn about the User Story format, including epics, stories, tasks, and introducing Allan Kelly’s Two Golden Rules of User Stories. Learn more about our User Stories Masterclass courses.

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Agile Estimating & Forecasting (AEF) Badge

Agile Estimating & Forecasting (AEF)

The Agile Estimating & Forecasting course (AEF course) is a half-day training course focused on teaching trainees to get a solid understanding of Agile estimating practices and techniques such as story points, burn-down, burn-up charts, and other tools that help improve estimating and forecasting when undertaking product delivery. The course includes reviewing and learning from best practices related to estimating/forecasting (drawn from the real-world). Learn more about our AEF courses.

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Presentation Excellence Masterclass Badge

Presentation Excellence Masterclass (PEM)

The Presentation Excellence Masterclass course (PEM course) is a one-day hands-on workshop that uses a combination of instruction and hands-on presentation exercises to help Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Agile team members who understand how to best develop a deep understanding of effective communication and increase the level of presentation quality and impact. Learn more about our PEM courses.

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Enterprise Agility Masterclass (EAM)

Enterprise Agility Masterclass (EAM)

The Enterprise Agility Masterclass course (EAM course) is a 4-part training course that teaches Scrum practitioners HOW an organization should change and successfully embrace Agility. The course covers the essential aspects, like specific behaviors and mindset needed to bring in the change. Through theory, case studies, and hands-on exercises, trainees will understand a set of revolutionary principles and techniques that will help them create responsive people and organizations that challenge traditional thinking (and even many Agile concepts). Learn more about our EAM courses.

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Scrum Foundations Training (SFT)

Scrum Foundations Training (SFT)

The Scrum Foundations Training course (SFT course) is a half-day course that teaches you how to build a solid foundation and understanding of Scrum, the most popular Agile framework. You will also learn about Scrum theory, roles, events, and artifacts. Learn more about our SFT courses.

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The Sketchy Guide to Scrum

The Sketchy Guide to Scrum Logo

Edinburgh Agile are very proud to support The Sketchy Guide to Scrum … a treat for any Agilist interested in learning more about Scrum.

Read the guide for free at: The Sketchy Guide to Scrum

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