Enterprise Agility Techniques for Change Agents – 2.5 Hour Online Workshop – Friday 22nd January 2021


A unique opportunity to be part of an advanced Enterprise Agility workshop led by Erich R. Bühler, author of the best-selling book; Leading Exponential Change. Learn new practices, frameworks and concepts that will help you establish Agility at an enterprise level. All proceeds from this unique online event go to charity.

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CHARITY EVENT!!! 100% of the event ticket price goes to CHARITY!!!

Learn about Enterprise Agility with new theories, practices and concepts on Friday 22nd January 2021 between 12:00 pm GMT (1:00 pm CET) and 2:30 pm GMT (3:30 pm CET).

Many Agile and organizational professionals usually know techniques to increase the flexibility and adaptability of Agile teams …but struggle when these concepts need to be expanded to the rest of the enterprise! In this charity event, you will learn how to successfully introduce and establish Agility across the entire enterprise.

When scaling Agility, it is common to encounter significant challenges when teams outside of IT need to embrace the Agile mindset, or when groups with individuals coming from several areas of the company need to fluently interact to create a product. As a change agent, different mindsets have to be recognized and embraced if you want to increase flexibility, adaptability and resilience of all areas of the organization. This is particularly challenging when you have teams with experts coming from different disciplines and with diverse ways of thinking.

To be successful in establishing Enterprise Agility it necessary to learn new theories, practices and concepts to help facilitate the increase in adaptation to change, and to obtain consistent results inside and outside the IT teams.

During this online charity workshop event (all proceeds go to charity) you will learn why organizations find it difficult to build innovation, increase their adaptability to change  and/or resilience… due to employees and teams not having adequate levels of mental agility! You will also learn new a myriad of practices that will enable you to foster higher levels of Enterprise Agility, as well a series of new change frameworks that will assist business leaders solve problems in novel ways.

The practices and concepts learnt during this Advanced Enterprise Agility workshop will be ready to use from the day after attending it!

Being online, the Enterprise Agility Techniques for Change Agents online workshop is suitable people across the world… the event is on Friday 22nd January 2021. The workshop starts at 12:00 pm GMT (1:00 pm CET) and finishes at 2:30 pm GMT (3:30 pm CET).

World Timings for Enterprise Agility TechniquesWorld Timings for Enterprise Agility Techniques

What you will receive:

  1. 2.5 hours high-quality enterprise Agility training from a leading  Enterprise Agility expert and author;
  2. Access to official event materials;
  3. Advanced Enterprise Agility Techniques event certificate of attendance.

Who should attend the Enterprise Agility Techniques for Change Agents event?

The Enterprise Agility Techniques for Change Agents event is designed for change agents and organizational leadership who are responsible for and/or involved in the introduction and establishment of Enterprise Agility across large organizations.

People in the following roles will be interested in this online charity event:

  • Organisation Leaders;
  • CEOs, CIOs, CTOS;
  • Head Of/Directors;
  • Product Managers;
  • Product Owners;
  • Scrum Masters;
  • Project Managers;
  • Agile Coaches;
  • Cultural experts;
  • HR experts;
  • Anyone interested in, working on or responsible for, large scale Agile implementation.

Event Details

This unique online event… Enterprise Agility Techniques for Change Agents… takes place over 2.5 hours:

  • Friday 22nd January – 12:00 pm GMT (1:30 pm CET) to 2:30 pm GMT (3:30 pm CET)

World Timings for Enterprise Agility TechniquesWorld Timings for Enterprise Agility Techniques

The online workshop includes breaks for comfort and effective learning.

Remote/Online Event Logistics

This Enterprise Agility Techniques workshop is simple to attend from anywhere in the world. We use Zoom.

You just need access laptop/PC with a stable internet connection, audio/video and microphone capabilities.

Upon sign-up of the course, you will be sent a calendar invitation with Zoom video/audio conference details.

It is recommended you download the Zoom app onto your PC for best learning experience.

Enterprise Agility Techniques for Change Agents Event Trainer(s)

Erich R. Bühler is influential professional and global reference in Enterprise Agility and change management. Erich has helped companies on 5 continents, and is the author of the best-selling book on Leading Exponential Change (available in 3 languages); containing new theories, paradigms and practices about Enterprise Agility, that are now being used by change consultants around the world.

Organizations that have benefited from Erich’s consultancy include AXA Insurance, British Telecom, Manulife Insurance, Mastercard, Microsoft, The London Stock Exchange, Westpac Bank, Wholefoods NZ and more…

Erich is also the author of The Organizational Pill, a free resource aimed at teaching other change professionals new skills. Furthermore he has helped Scrum Alliance with webinars and co-trained with several certified instructors. He has also organized the first Scrum Day in Valencia (Spain) in 2015 and in 2016 (Chile), where the proceeds were donated to charity.

Erich R. Bühler

Paul Beckett

Paul Beckett is an Agile consultant with significant hands-on experience of Scrum and other Agile disciplines. He was trained by Jeff Sutherland (the co-creator of Scrum and creator of Scrum@Scale) and other leading Scrum trainers/authors including Geoff Watts, Mike Cohn and Gunther Verheyen.

Paul is also the author/visualiser of The Sketchy Guide to Scrum. Click here to view The Sketchy Guide to Scrum.

You can find out more about Paul at his LinkedIn profile: Click here for LinkedIn profile.

Paul Beckett

Enterprise Agility Techniques for Change Agents Event Coverage

The Enterprise Agility Techniques for Change Agents event covers the following topics:

  • Learn about Enterprise Agility ;
  • Learn about frameworks to accelerate change in the company;
  • Start using powerful reframing techniques with your organisation or with your clients to increase mental Agility;
  • Learn new techniques based on the neuroscience of change to work with people with high resistance to change;
  • Learn how the brain works during a change in business, and find strategies that allow you to use the most appropriate techniques.

Further Details

When it comes to establishing Agility at scale, there is more than just implementing new processes! The Enterprise Agility Techniques for Change Agents event delves deeper into the world of Enterprise Agility.

Organizational Health is about psychological safety—how people in your organization feel about talking freely and making decisions in the company—plus the creation of sustainable business value in perpetuity. Perpetuity is crucial as it represents a behavior or practice that needs to be maintained over time.

Reframing is a powerful set of cognitive techniques that will allow you to analyze a problem from different perspectives, guiding people within your organization to temporarily think as the person with the problem or from the perspectives of those who observe the problem, or even the individuals who don’t believe there is a problem. This makes it possible to reach different conclusions and evaluate different assumptions. Reframing is also important if you are going through a difficult situation as it helps regulate emotions and diminish conflict.

Competitive advantage is not just about frameworks, but about helping individuals to get high levels of mental Agility. In a VUCA world, where the speed of change defies comprehension and conflict increases if the right practices, procedures, and techniques are not in place, is important to understand how mental Agility connects with the concepts of linear and exponential change. To achieve enterprise Agility, the focus must be placed on increasing the mental agility of all the minds of the organization—and not just some departments in the company. People must be able to achieve a state of continuous well-being despite constant change.

Enterprise Agility Techniques for Change Agents

The five dimensions of Agility is a model built on the neuroscience of change that allows organizations to adapt faster and that is used by change consultants around the world. The dimensions are as follows:

  1. Technical Agility — Changing software as quickly, cheaply, and securely as possible.
  2. Structural agility — Changing the organization’s structures and procedures by running experiments while minimizing the impact on organizational health.
  3. Outcomes Agility — Delivering results even during turbulent times to respond to changing market conditions. This is related to leadership, budgeting, and how people and the company can change strategy and continue to produce great results with minimal impact on organizational health.
  4. Social agility — Connecting well with other employees or with customers in rapidly changing environments, thereby achieving highly collective performance.
  5. Mental agility — Reframing challenges to find new solutions even during stressful times. If the brain cannot accept emerging situations and realities or be able to reframe them using a high number of frames (mental agility), then employees will rarely adapt to new market conditions.

Enterprise Agility Techniques for Change Agents

The Book

The Enterprise Agility Techniques for Change Agents event is based on the best-selling Enterprise Agility book; Leading Exponential Change.

Leading Exponential Change (Second edition, May 2019) unveils the secrets of Enterprise Agility! The way organizations manage change has undergone dramatic shifts, and across the world, organizations have tried to adapt to relentless market innovations by using artificial intelligence, Big Data, the Scrum framework, increasingly connected people, and new mind-sets such as Agile and/or Lean… however… all these approaches have only established disruptive change as a new, relentless reality.

One thing has become clear… human beings are not physiologically prepared for constant alterations in processes, roles, and ways of working!

Realizing that a new approach was needed, the author of Leading Exponential Change, Erich Bühler, developed a set of revolutionary principles and techniques to create responsive people and organizations that challenged traditional thinking (and many Agile concepts).

eading Exponential Change by Erich Buhler
Drawing on his experience as an international change consultant, the Erich takes you deep into why companies struggle to adapt even when they have the right people. He also analyzes the reasons some consultants face endless obstacles and resistance to change while others succeed.

In Leading Exponential Change, secrets are shared that differentiate the truly remarkable companies from those that fail to adapt to today’s constantly changing market conditions.

For more information about Leading Exponential Change visit Amazon UK, Amazon US  and Amazon ES.

The Charity

100% of the proceeds for this event goes to charity! The price of your ticket will donated to prevent diseases that claim the lives of millions of children every year.

Thousands of children die every day from diseases that are easy to prevent. Between them, diseases like malaria, cholera and typhoid claim the lives of millions of children every year. Yet supporting our chosen charity helps them train a health worker so they can help provide children and their mothers with life-saving care, such as nutritional advice, anti-malarial mosquito nets and vitamin supplements, to keep them safe from disease. Attending the Enterprise Agility Techniques for Change Agents event could help save a child’s life. 

We will be donating 100% of the proceeds of this event to a charity that makes sure more of the world’s children are vaccinated, educated and protected than any other organisation. They have done more to influence laws, policies and customs to help protect children than any other charity. They get things done! They are intent on continuing until the world is a safe place for all children.

The charity you will be supporting receives no funding from the UN budget and rely entirely on voluntary donations like the ones that will come from your ticket price, which will fund their vital work to protect children in danger, transforming their lives and building a safer world for tomorrow’s children.

Enterprise Agility Techniques for Change Agents Event Prerequisites

You will get more out of this event if you have an understanding and experience of leading teams, such as a Scrum Master or Project Manager role, or you have experience of leading/managing across multiple teams and/or departments, and want to learn how to help organizations embrace Agility at an enterprise level.

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