Improv-ing Agile Teams with Paul Goddard – 90 min Online Live Course – Module Five: Sensitivity- 21st October 2020

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A next-level course for Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Coaches and leaders, to raise communication skills from adequate to truly outstanding, and to take presentations from competent to effective and compelling!

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Take your communication skills to the next level! This 90 minute course, part of a series of five modular (pick-and-mix) online live courses, introduces Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and Agile leadership to improvisation concepts including engagement, transformation, presentation, teamwork and leadership skills development.

During this course (module five) trainees will develop expertise and understanding in Sensitivity – how to become more fully engaged with fellow team members: through an interesting and engaging set of  improv games, structured group debriefs and discussions. Trainees will experience high quality activities that will build confidence, release creativity and raise communication skills. On stage, improvisational actors use simple rules, collaborative principles, and game constraints to build unscripted yet intriguing storylines. This course explores how those same simple rules and principles can help Agile teams collaborate more effectively and how purposefully working within constraints can unlock creativity.

Module 5: Sensitivity

This 90 minute module (Sensitivity) helps trainees identify will all the skills an improviser utilises on stage, and how using improvisational techniques can help them and their Agile teams engage those skills more freely.  Trainees will practice skills in active listening, observation, recollection and emotional awareness, through a series of fast-paced improv games designed to “warm-up” and stretch those soft skills.
Does the energy level drop in your meetings? Does it take a long time for attendees to “switch on” in meetings? Are you looking to improve your own soft skills? Do you want to listen more?
In this 90-minute Sensitivity module, you will learn techniques and play games that help you exercise you most human muscles too enable you to be a better team member, coach, leader and most importantly… a more human being!
Take your Scrum Mastery, Agile coaching and Agile leaderships skills to the next level!

Date and Time

Being online, the Improv-ing Agile Teams module two (Spontaneity) course is suitable for trainees across the globe… the course is on Wednesday 21st October 2020 between 12:00 pm and 13:30pm GMT. This makes the course perfect for people across world!!!!

World Timings for Improv-ing Agile Teams course - 12 to 13-30 GMT

Video about the Improv-ing Agile Teams Courses

Your Remote Trainer

Paul Goddard is an expert Agile coach and trainer with two decades of Agile experience! Indeed he has been working with Agile development teams since 2000 and was part of the coaching team which took on one of the largest Agile transformations to date in a major UK telecoms company in 2003. Since then Paul has been training and coaching other organisations, teams and individuals across the UK and Europe.

Paul has been an active Certified Scrum Trainer since 2006, and also became only the fourth UK-based Certified Scrum Coach in 2011.

You can find out more about Paul Goddard at his LinkedIn profile: click here for LinkedIn profile.

Paul Goddard - Agile Coach and Trainer

Course Details

This Improv-ing Agile Teams (Module 5 – Sensitivity) online course is 90 minutes in duration and takes place between 12:00 pm and 13:30 pm UK BST on Wednesday 21st October 2020.

This course is specifically designed to cater for trainees across the globe. Indeed the timing of this course supports trainees attending, for example; from South America (Santiago, São Paulo, Buenos Aires), east coast North America (Florida, Washington, New York), Canada (Toronto), the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and India, Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore) and Australia (including Sydney and Melbourne).

World Timings for Improv-ing Agile Teams course - 12 to 13-30 GMT

World Timings for Improv-ing Agile Teams course - 12 to 13-30 GMT

Remote/Online Course Logistics

All the remote/online Improv-ing Agile Teams courses are simple to attend. We use Zoom.

You just need access laptop/PC with a stable internet connection, audio/video and microphone capabilities.

Upon sign-up of the course, you will be sent a calendar invitation with Zoom video/audio conference details.

It is recommended you download the Zoom app onto your PC for best learning experience.

Who Should Attend the Improv-ing Agile Teams courses?

All the modules from the Improv-ing Agile Teams course series are applicable for any and all members of an Agile development team. Furthermore, the skills developed in all of the modules are useful in life as well as in a professional context. As such, this course has no set pre-requisites and is suitable for improvisers with all levels of experience.

Those who may get even more benefit from our innovate course would be those trainees who have the responsibility for leading an Agile team, such as Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Coaches or Agile/Scrum Trainers.

Improv can help Agile Roles

Learning Objectives

During this training course, you will learn:

  • The parallels between improvisational theatre and Agile development;
  • How to engage more with your team members;
  • Resilience from accepting failure and being positive;
  • How to collaborate through co-creation with others;
  • Creative problem solving techniques and coaching styles.

List of Improv-ing Agile Teams Course Modules

Based on the innovative book for Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Product Owners and Agile leaders; the Impro-ing Agile Teams course series is built up of five pick-and-mix modules. Each module, a 90 minute session, features a mix of improv games, group debrief and discussion and will center around one of the following five themes:

  • Module 1 – SAFETY: how accepting failure is essential to discovery;
  • Module 2 – SPONTANEITY: how to increase the flow of ideas;
  • Module 3 – STORYTELLING: how narratives help teams relate to their customers and end users ;
  • Module 4 – STATUS: how adjusting personal behaviour can encourage collaboration;
  • Module 5 – SENSITIVITY: how to become more fully engaged with fellow team members.

Each module can be attended independently and in any order. Multiple dates are run for each module throughout the year so you can choose a course/date/time that works for you!

About the Book

This course is based on the book: Improv-ing Agile Teams: Using Constraints To Unlock Creativity

Improvisation. The mere mention of the word makes many people quake with fear at the prospect of chaos and uncertainty. The fact is, though, human beings are improvising almost every minute of their lives it is more natural, and more filled with possibility, than you might imagine.

On stage, improvisational actors use simple rules, collaborative principles, and game constraints to build unscripted yet intriguing storylines. This book explores how those same simple rules and principles can help agile teams collaborate more effectively and how purposefully working within constraints can unlock creativity.

Inside, you ll find over 50 techniques and improv games tailored for agile teams, complete with step-by-step instructions.

…as an agile practitioner I read an awful lot of books relating to agile and coaching, and I must say Improv-ing Agile Teams is one of the best I’ve read this year…” – Amazon Review

You can find out more about the book, which is available in Paperback, Kindle and Audible formats, here: click here for Amazon UK and click here for Amazon US and click here for Amazon India.

Improv-ing Agile Teams by Paul Goddard

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to do all modules ?
No! The Improv-ing Agile Teams series is designed so that each module is loosely-coupled… meaning that each module can be completed in isolation.

Q. Do I have to do the modules in order?
A. No! The Improv-ing Agile Teams series is modular and designed to allow trainees to pick and choose sessions that are of interest to them! Pick one, pick three, pick them all… and do in any order you wish!

Q. Do I need any improv or acting experience to attend?
A.None at all! All the Improv-ing Agile Team modules are designed for Agile practitioners looking to develop advanced soft-skills. They are therefore appropriate for novice improvisers, but equally suitable for seasoned actors!

Q. Is there a discount if I do more than one module?
A. Yes! If you purchase five modules at the same time you will receive a discounted price. Simply purchase the bundle course (5 x sessions) that is available on this website.

Q. I can’t see dates that are suitable for me. Will others be added?
A. We are adding dates all the time so more dates will be available soon. Please contact us for more information on future dates for the modules.

Q. This feels like it should be very interactive. Is 90 minutes enough time to learn effectively.
A. Absolutely. Each 90-minute session has more than enough time to play/experience several short-form improv games which are chosen to specifically address the module topic.