Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online Workshop – 2 Half Day Live Course – 24th/25th September 2020


Learn the basics of Management 3.0 during this interesting and engaging ten hour online workshop/course led by an experienced Management 3.0 Facilitator.

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Get a solid foundation in Management 3.0 and learn the basics during this ten hours online course led by an experienced Management 3.0 Facilitator. Our Management 3.0 Fundamentals live online workshop contains the most valuable practices and modules related to Management 3.0 and Remote Leadership. By attending the workshop you will understand the basics of Management 3.0, and also how to manage remote teams.

Management 3.0 is not another framework, it’s a mindset, combined with an ever-changing collection of games, tools, and practices to help any worker manage the organization. It is an innovative a way of looking at work systems. Management 3.0 follows the systems thinking idea that 95 percent of the performance of an organization is the result of the whole system, not the individual. Management 3.0 examines how to analyze that system to come up with the right solutions for better and effective leadership across organizations.

Who should attend the Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online Workshop

The topics in this Management 3.0 workshop will be interesting for:

  • Team leads;
  • Managers;
  • Leaders;
  • Agile Coaches;
  • Scrum Masters;
  • Project Managers;
  • and especially those who are working in remote environments.

Management 3.0 is for you if you want to:

  • Become a better manager and leader;
  • Boost productivity;
  • Nurture innovation;
  • Motivate any team;
  • Change the culture;
  • Become more Agile;
  • Increase happiness at work.

What you will receive:

  • Two sessions evenings of high-quality interactive facilitation from one of our Management 3.0 experts;
  • An online workbook and course materials – TBC MARC? TBC;
  • Certificate of Attendance of the Fundamentals Online Workshop.

Your Remote Trainer

Marc Vandyck is an Agile consultant and trainer with significant hands-on experience of Scrum and other Agile disciplines. He was extensively trained by Jeff Sutherland (the co-creator of Scrum and creator of Scrum@Scale) and other leading Scrum Inc. consultants in the details of the Scrum@Scale operating model and framework.

You can find out more about Marc at his LinkedIn profile: Click here for LinkedIn profile.

Marc Vandyck - Management 3.0 and Agile Trainer

Course Details

This Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner course online takes place over four sessions using state-of-the-art technology:

  • Monday 6th July – 8:30 am to 12:30 pm CET / 7:30 am to 11:30 am UK BST
  • Tuesday 7th July – 8:30 am to 12:30 pm CET / 7:30 am to 11:30 am UK BST

This course is specifically designed to cater for trainees across the globe. Indeed the timing of this course supports trainees attending, for example; from the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and India, Asia, and Australia.

World Timings for 7-30 to 11-30 UK Course

Attendance on all four parts/sessions of the course (as listed above) is required.

The course includes regular breaks for comfort and effective learning.

Remote/Online Course Logistics

Our Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online Workshops are held using state-of-the-art technology. The course uses a combination of the Zoom video and audio conferencing platform and Nureva™ Span™ Workspace visual collaboration platform.

Upon sign-up of the course, you will be sent a calendar invitation with Zoom video/audio conference details as well as information about Nureva Span.

It is recommended you download the Zoom app onto your PC for best learning experience.

Modules Covered in the Workshop

In the Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online Workshop you will learn about the basics of Management 3.0, with a focus on practices that are useful in remote teams.

Modules covered in this workshop are:

  • Management and Leadership – You can only improve worker happiness when everyone feels responsible for management and when managers learn to manage the system instead of the people;
  • Principles of Management 3.0
  • Complexity Thinking – You cannot control a complex system, but you have many options for guiding it;
  • Motivation and Engagement – People are the most important parts of an organization and managers must do all they can to keep people active, creative, and motivated;
  • Delegation and Empowerment – Teams can self-organize, and this requires empowerment, authorization, and trust from management;
    Remote Teams;
  • Better Feedback;
  • Success and Failure – People, teams, and organizations need to improve continuously to defer failure for as long as possible.

What is Management 3.0?

Management 3.0 is redefining the definition of leadership with management as a group responsibility. Management 3.0 is built upon the belief that management is not only the manager’s responsibility… but that it is everyone’s job! Leadership pursues the goal of growing and transforming organizations, which are great places to work for. They care about having engaged employees because when this happens the work is improved and clients are happy. The creator’s of Management 3.0 realized that almost every industry is ripe for change and ready for a new view on management. Management 3.0 is that future of management.

Management 3.0 is a global management revolution that brings together thousands of project managers, mid-level managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs, developing solutions together, using games to encourage employee feedback and team collaboration.

Management 3.0 is based on the belief that you don’t want theories and soft management science, and instead you want hands-on approaches that can become solutions for increasing employee engagement and improving results. You want to build a future. You want the right skills and you want to those skills now.

Management 3.0 is about Games, Tools and Practices

For all workers addressing many common leadership questions such as:

  • How can we measure performance?
  • How can we reward people in a better way?
  • How can we replace performance appraisals?
  • How can we motivate our teams?
  • How can we change the organization’s culture?

Management 3.0 Principles

  • Delight Everybody;
  • Improve Everything;
  • Engage People;
  • Manage the system, not the people;
  • Co-create.