Enterprise Agility Masterclass (EAM) Course

Enterprise Agility Masterclass Course Overview

During the Enterprise Agility Masterclass (EAM) training course for advanced change-agency and Agile leadership, you will learn the secrets that differentiate truly successful Agile organizations from those companies that cannot adapt to today’s constantly changing market conditions! This Enterprise Agility learning experience will provide you with knowledge and skills to transform your organisation into a successful Agile enterprise! 

The ground-breaking Enterprise Agility Masterclass course is a combination of lectures, interactive exercises, assignments, discussions, and engaging real-world case studies, as well as being supported by a leading book on the subject of Enterprise Agility. Your Enterprise Agility Masterclass training instructor is a leading Agilist who has extensive hands-on experience in establishing Agility within large enterprises and leading successful Agile transformations in large-scale organisations!

The EAM course helps to establish the essential specific behaviors and mindset needed for successfully embracing oranisational change, and introduces and delves into content from Erich Bühler’s Leading Exponential Change (Second edition, May 2019). The learning is completed by reviewing and learning to utilise best practices, a set of revolutionary principles and techniques to create responsive people and organizations (drawn from the real-world).

This EAM course also focuses on how to look at popular working practices that build on Agile concepts and how organisations should embrace the change and adapt to Agility. 

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Enterprise Agility Masterclass Overview

Enterprise Agility Masterclass (EAM)

Trainees on the Enterprise Agility Masterclass course are challenged to improve their understanding of Agility at an enterprise level, and also better understand what to do when they return to their workplaces or client environments. 


The overall aim of the Enterprise Agility Masterclass (EAM) course is to increase the ability to drill deep into the complexities of HOW to bring in the change in an organisational context that works in an Agile delivery environment. The objectives are as follows:

  1. Develop an understanding of how organizations can deliver value in disruptive markets and maintain organizational health;
  2. Learn about the five layers of Enterprise Agility and how they can be used to establish the solid long-lasting ability to deliver change;
  3. Focus on Mental Agility and the supporting science.
  4. Become skilled in how to accelerate change across diverse organizational structures/silos;
  5. Specialize in how Leadership and Change-Agents can successfully influence change, even in environments that are hostile towards change!

Enterprise Agility Masterclass Certification

All participants completing the Enterprise Agility Masterclass course will receive a password to attempt the EAM certification assessment. The first, second, and third EAM assessment attempts are FREE as it includes them in the course’s cost. If trainees take the first EAM assessment within 21 days of the end of the class and do not achieve the 80% certification score, they get 2 free re-attempts. Further EAM assessment attempts would cost £30.

Enterprise Agility Masterclass (EAM) Certificate

Attendees who attend the Enterprise Agility Masterclass (EAM) course and go on to pass the EAM certification assessment will receive:

Enterprise Agility Masterclass (EAM) certificate;


The Book: Leading Exponential Change

The Enterprise Agility Masterclass is based on the best-selling book… Leading Exponential Change (by Erich Bühler). In this book, world-renowned consultant Erich R. Bühler shares the secrets that differentiate truly remarkable companies from those that fail to adapt to today’s constantly changing market conditions. Bühler developed a set of revolutionary principles and techniques to create responsive people and organizations that challenged traditional thinking (and many Agile concepts).

An electronic copy of the book (ebook) will be made accessible to you for FREE when you enroll in the course.

eading Exponential Change by Erich Buhler

The way companies adapt and manage change has undergone dramatic shifts over the years, and organisations have been adapting to ever-changing market innovations by using artificial intelligence, Big Data, the Scrum Framework, increasingly connected people, and new mindsets such as Agile or Lean. But all these approaches have only established disruptive change as a new, relentless reality.

This groundbreaking book offers new foundations to help company leaders, managers, Agile consultants, HR representatives, mentors, and scrum masters become skilled at helping others to influence change.  Leading Exponential Change is packed with new paradigms, practices, ready-to-use tools, and real-life stories from the author and other industry-revered consultants specializing in innovation, human resources, and coaching.

Click here to find out more about the book.


Enterprise Agility Masterclass Course Audience

The Enterprise Agility Masterclass course is especially suitable for people who are, or want to assume an Enterprise leadership role, and/or want to work as a change agent for Agile teams at an organisation level. Typical attendees include Organizational Leaders, Change-Agents, Scrum Masters, Product Owners in a variety of large-scale contexts.

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Enterprise Agility Masterclass FAQs

What is an Enterprise Agility Masterclass course?

The Enterprise Agility Masterclass course (EAM course) is a training course that develops your understanding of the principles and theory to transform your organisation into a successful Agile enterprise. The EAM course is a combination of instruction and team-based exercises and trains core awareness of the ability to implement Agility at an enterprise scale.

How do I get an Enterprise Agility Masterclass certificate?

In order to get an EAM certification, you need to attend the Enterprise Agility Masterclass course and pass the EAM assessment. The Enterprise Agility Masterclass (EAM) assessment is available to anyone who wishes to develop a better understanding of enterprise Agility and associated techniques.

Is the Enterprise Agility Masterclass exam difficult?

The EAM certification exam is challenging. It is an intermediate level exam, and it requires an awareness of Agile at an enterprise level and associated concepts, practices, and techniques. Awareness of content from the course and associated book is required.

Do you run private Enterprise Agility Masterclass courses for organizations?

Absolutely. We have many organisations that send entire teams on Enterprise Agility that get benefited out of the training.

Do I need to renew my EAM certification?

No, the Enterprise Agility Masterclass certificate confirms you completed the learning and development associated with attending the course, reading the book, and completing the assessment. Therefore, this does not require renewal.

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We are looking for a small number of training providers to meet student demand for Enterprise Agility Masterclass across the globe! Do you have:

✔ Real-life experience of establishing Agility at an Enterprise level?

✔ A proven track record of training and coaching people in the Scrum and Agility?

✔ The desire to make contributions to the most critical, but often neglected movement in organizational transformation?

If so, please fill out the details below and submit your interest in finding out more…

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