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Ken Schwaber, co-creator of the Scrum framework, founded in 2009 and  dedicating the organization to improving the professionalism of Scrum across the globe. Courses PSM Badge

Professional Scrum Master Course™ (PSM)

The Professional Scrum Master™ course (PSM course) is a 2-day training course where trainees learn how to use Scrum to optimize value, productivity and the total cost of product ownership. Tools are provided to enable trainees to relate to behavioral shifts, work with people and teams, coach and facilitate techniques, and address the organization. Learn more about our PSM courses.

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Professional Scrum Product Owner™ (PSPO)

The Professional Scrum Product Owner™ course (PSPO course) is a 2-day training course focused on teaching trainees how to maximize the value of products and systems. The cutting-edge PSPO course is for Product Owners, Agile product managers and others responsible for a product’s success in the market. In the Professional Scrum Product Owner course, trainees develop and solidify their knowledge of being a Product Owner through instruction and team-based exercises. Learn more about our PSPO courses.

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Book Courses

  • Professional Scrum Foundations
    Professional Scrum Foundations (PSF) – 2 day Live Virtual Course – 23rd/24th Aug 2021
  • Professional Scrum Master (PSM)
    Professional Scrum Master (PSM) – 2 day Online Course – 16th/17th August 2021
  • Professional Scrum With Kanban PSK Badge
    Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK) – 2 day Live Online Course – 21st/22nd June 2021

More Courses

Professional Agile Leadership (PAL) Essentials Badge

Professional Agile Leadership Essentials™ (PAL-E)

The Professional Agile Leadership™ Essentials course (PAL-E course) is a 2-day hands-on workshop that uses a combination of instruction and hands-on Agile leadership exercises to help managers and other leaders who work directly with Scrum teams and understand how to best support, guide, and coach their teams to improve their Agile capabilities. Learn more about our PAL-E courses.

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Professional Scrum™ with Kanban (PSK)

The Professional ScrumTM with Kanban course (PSK course) is a 2-day training course that teaches Scrum practitioners how to apply Kanban practices to their work without changing Scrum. Through theory, Scrum with Kanban case studies, and hands-on exercises, trainees will understand the importance of transparency and flow as it pertains to the Scrum framework. Learn more about our PSK courses.

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Professional Scrum Foundations™ (PSF)

The Professional Scrum FoundationsTM course (PSF course) is a 2-day Scrum Foundations training course that teaches Scrum by experiencing what it’s like to deliver products using the Scrum framework. Working in a series of Sprints, trainees break into Scrum Teams fulfilling all of the roles on a team to deliver, simulating real-life problems. Learn more about our PSF courses.

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Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) with Nexus

Scaled Professional Scrum™ with Nexus (SPS)

The two-day Scaled Professional Scrum with Nexus course (SPS course) is designed for people involved in building products across multiple Scrum teams… so they can learn how to scale product delivery with Scrum. In the SPS course, trainees use a hands-on case study to learn about the Nexus (scaled Scrum) framework and over 50 practices to reduce dependencies at scale. Learn more about our SPS courses.

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The Sketchy Guide to Scrum

The Sketchy Guide to Scrum Logo

Edinburgh Agile are very proud to support The Sketchy Guide to Scrum … a treat for any Agilist interested in learning more about Scrum.

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