User Stories Masterclass (USM) Course

User Stories Masterclass Course Overview

During the User Stories Masterclass (USM) user stories training course, you will develop a deep understanding of user stories creation and how to increase the quality of requirements capturing and communication. The User Stories Masterclass (USM) course is perfect for Product Owners and anyone responsible for an effective understanding of how to write better user stories.

The interesting USM course is a combination of lectures, interactive exercises, assignments, discussions, and engaging real-world case studies as well as being supported by a leading book on the subject. Your Edinburgh Agile USM training instructor is a leading Agile trainer who has extensive hands-on experience in practicing Agile techniques!

This user stories course is for Product Owners and Agile Team members who want to improve communication surrounding requirements. By the end of the User Stories Masterclass, you will understand how to improve requirements capture and communication in Agile development with better user stories.

The user stories course provides an introduction to User Story format including epics, stories, and tasks, as well as introducing Allan Kelly’s Two Golden Rules of User Stories. The learning is completed by reviewing and learning from actual user stories (drawn from the real-world). You will also develop an understanding of the role of the product owner, how to identify value from stories, and how to work with dependencies and spikes.

This USM course also focuses on how to look at popular working practices that build on user stories, including acceptance criteria, the definition of done and definition of ready, 3 Amigos, and specification by example. Also, you will learn how to slice and splitting user stories to get the advantages of working on small tasks. 

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User Stories Masterclass Overview

Trainees on the User Stories Masterclass course are challenged to improve their ability to undertake development requirements capturing and better understand what to do when they return to their workplaces. 

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The User Stories Masterclass (USM) training course leaves trainees more knowledgeable and confident in four key areas:

1. Introduction to User Story format and the Two Golden Rule of User Stories;

2. Adds greater understanding of user stories and writing stories;

3. Popular working practices that build on user stories, including acceptance criteria and the definition of done;

4. Exercises that give the User Story Masterclass trainee an opportunity to consolidate the learnings and practice writing and splitting.

User Stories Masterclass Certification

All participants completing the User Stories Masterclass course will receive a password to attempt the User Stories Masterclass (USM) certification assessment. The first, second, and third USM assessment attempts are FREE as it includes them in the course’s cost. If trainees take the first USM assessment within 21 days of the end of the class and do not achieve the 80% certification score, they get 2 free re-attempts. Further USM assessment attempts would cost £30.

User Story Masterclass (USM) Certificate

Attendees who attend the User Stories Masterclass (USM) course and go on to pass the USM certification assessment will receive:

User Stories Masterclass (USM) certificate;


User Stories Masterclass Course Audience

The User Stories Masterclass course is especially suitable for people who are, or want to become, a Product Owner, and/or want to work effectively on a Scrum or Agile team. Typical attendees include:

  • People who are new to, or have just about to become, Product Owner,
  • People been on a team that carries out, or closely involved in, software or product development endeavors.
  • People who work with clients that have requested the requirements capturing, and as a result, want to write better user stories.
  • Scrum Masters and Project Managers will also benefit from a better understanding of user stories and associated techniques.

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User Stories Masterclass FAQs

What is a USM course?

The User Stories Masterclass course (USM course) is a user stories training course that develops your understanding of the principles and theory of the Scrum framework. It also teaches the role of the Product Owner. The USM course is a combination of instruction and team-based exercises and trains core awareness of the Scrum and Agile movement.

How do I get a USM certificate?

In order to get USM certification, you need to attend the user stories course and pass the USM assessment. The User Stories Masterclass (USM) assessment is available to anyone who wishes to develop a better understanding of user stories and associated techniques.

Is the USM exam difficult?

The USM certification exam is challenging. It is an intermediate level exam and it requires an awareness of User Stories and associated concepts, practices and techniques. Awareness of content from the course and associated book are required.

Do you run private User Stories Masterclass courses for organizations?

Absolutely. We have many organisations that send entire teams on the User Stories Masterclass that get benefited out of the training.

Do I need to renew my USM certification?

No, the User Story Masterclass certificate confirms you completed the learning and development associated with attending the course, reading the book, and completing the assessment. Therefore, this does not require a renewal.

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