The Scrum at scale model from the co-creator of Scrum…

Scrum@Scale is the natural evolution of Scrum.. taking the basics of Scrum and extending it to tens of teams. We offer consultancy as well as online and classroom Scrum@Scale courses worldwide…


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Scrum@Scale is a operating model and framework within which networks of Scrum teams operate consistently with the Scrum Guide and can address large-scale complex adaptive problems whilst delivering products of the highest possible value in a creative way.

Created by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, Scrum@Scale is a natural progression from Scrum for organisations that wish to maximise delivery of value.

Scrum@Scale Courses

Scrum@Scale Practitioner Certificate

Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner (CSaSP)

Trainees on our Scrum@Scale courses learn how to apply fundamental Scrum and Lean product development skills to scale Scrum from one to many teams across any sized initiative. Our Scrum@Scale Practitioner courses are interactive and teach how to scale Scrum through a combination of lectures, hands-on exercises, and real-world case studies.

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More about Scrum@Scale

Scrum@Scale Framework

Scrum@Scale naturally extends the core Scrum framework to deliver hyper-productive results across organisations.

The Scrum@Scale framework is simple to understand, but hard to master! It is made up of 2 cycles, the Scrum Master cycle and Product Owner cycle, and 12 components which are integral to executing Scrum at scale.

Scrum your organisation with Scrum@Scale…

To role out Scrum at scale… understand the context… understand the problems… prioritise… create a guiding coalition… build a strong foundation… measure… inspect and adapt…

Scrum@Scale Guide Front Cover

Similar to how The Scrum Guide defined in Scrum, The Scrum@Scale Guide is the definitive guide to the Scrum@Scale framework

The Scrum@Scale Guide contains the definitions of the components that make up the Scrum@Scale framework, including its scaled roles, scaled events, and enterprise artifacts, as well as the rules that bind them together. Click here to view the latest version of the guide.

The Sketchy Guide to Scrum@Scale

Edinburgh Agile are very proud to support The Sketchy Guide to Scrum@Scale… a treat for any Agilist interested in learning more about Scrum@Scale.

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